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"The New, Easier Way To Perfectly Deliver Your Expertise, Make More Money & Acquire Your Clients On Autopilot… Even During Turbulent Times"
(The breakthrough system to transition your expertise into a successful, easy-to-operate and rewarding online service)
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Steve Hackney

is the Co-Founder of and has helped thousands of people become successful online mentors
What You Will Discover On This FREE Webclass:
STAGE #1: Transition Your Expertise Into A Successful Online Service
How Your Know-How Can Easily Be Transformed Into A Highly Successful Online Service, Regardless Of Your Area Of Expertise
STAGE #2: Magnetically Attract 'Perfect Prospects' To You
How Your Business Can Stand Out And Magnetically Attract The Perfect People To Your Business Using A Magnetic And Powerful 'M.A.P.'
STAGE #3: Acquiring A Constant Stream Clients
How To Apply The 'Automated Client Acquisition System' (ACAS) To Never Again Struggle To Acquire All The Clients You Could Ever Wish For
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Who Is The Webclass For?
This training is for anyone with a passion, skill or expertise and would like to transform that know-how into a highly successful ONLINE mentoring business... and at the same time inspire and help to improve the lives and/or businesses of the clients they work with. For example...
Existing Coaches, Trainers & Mentors
By seamlessly adding a successful mentoring service to your existing coaching or training business, you’re developing a brand new, lucrative income stream that's so much easier and more lucrative to deliver.
Consultants, Service Providers & Any Other Business Type
Typically consultants and service providers DO THE WORK for the client. It can be exhausting and leaves little time for anything else. Mentoring provides a more lucrative and efficient way of working. The same applies to any other business type.
Those With Passion, Expertise & Know-How
The web class is also perfect for anyone who has passion, expertise, skill or know-how in any area or any industry. It's for people who finally want to take ownership of their destiny, earnings and lifestyle, rather than always relying on others.
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