Partner Programme Agreement
Last Updated 10 March, 2021

By accepting the terms of this Agreement, provides You (hereafter, the “Partner”) with an opportunity to become an independent Partner (“Partner”) whereby the Partner will earn commission for products and services (“Products”) sold to clients introduced by the Partner. Partner commission is as detailed below.

By clicking “I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Partner Programme Agreement” the Partner confirms that they have read, understood and agree to adhere to the terms of this Agreement.

The Partner agrees to provide all information requested by and the Partner confirms that such information is truthful and accurate. The Partner also give their consent to be contacted by at the email address and the phone number they provide. will provide the Partner with access to our online Partner Centre (“Centre”) where the Partner will access their unique Partner ID. The Partner ID will be incorporated within each URL which the Partner will use to promote the Products. The Partner will have the opportunity to receive a commission for each sale (“Sale”) that is registered using their Partner ID.

In the event that a prospect (“Prospect”) has multiple Partner cookies (“Cookies”), the most recently acquired Cookie will determine which Partner is credited with the Sale.
Commission is triggered once the 30-day guarantee period offered to the Sale by has expired. The commission is then paid to the Partner during the first week of the following month (if the Sale has not activated the guarantee).


The amount of Commission is as follows for each Product:

• Mentoring Success: £500 for each completed Sale

• Business Growth Mentors: On successful completion of the guarantee period, 30% for each Sale paid each month for as long as the Sale pays their monthly fees

• Business Mentoring Success Book: £1 for each book Sale then either £500 or 30% on upgrades of that book purchaser to respectively Mentoring Success or Business Growth Mentors as defined above

• The FORMULA Book: £1 for each book Sale then either £500 or 30% on upgrades of that book purchaser to respectively Mentoring Success or Business Growth Mentors as defined above

• Sell More Stuff Challenge: When that ‘Challenger’ upgrades then either £500 or 30% respectively for Mentoring Success or Business Growth Mentors as defined above

This Agreement includes provision for any future Products introduced by The Partner Centre will be updated as new Products become available and the Partner will be notified of such by email.

All prices are subject to VAT if the Partner is based in the United Kingdom. All commission is paid in UK Sterling.


The Partner is solely responsible for complying with all tax laws in their respective jurisdiction(s) including, but not limited to, the payment of all required taxes, and filing of all returns and other required documents with, the applicable governing body(ies).


If any Sale results in a chargeback or refund, any commission paid on this Sale to the Partner will be refunded to or at their sole discretion will be deducted from the Partner’s future Commission.


The term of this Agreement will begin when the Partner clicks “I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Partner Programme Agreement” and will continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated. 

Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other Party thirty (30) days’ written notice of termination.

If, at sole discretion, the Partner fails, or we suspect that the Partner has failed, to comply with any term or provision of the Agreement or the Terms of Service, or violated any law, whether in connection with their use of or otherwise, may terminate the Agreement or suspend the Partner’s access to the Centre at any time without notice to the Partner.

In addition, if, based on our data, the Partner has a dispute rate greater than 10%, may terminate this Agreement or suspend the Partner’s access to the Centre at any time without notice to the Partner. 

In such instances, and at sole discretion, may also for the aforementioned reasons, terminate the relationship with the Partner.
For the avoidance of doubt, and without limitation for purposes of the foregoing, any violation of the required disclosure will be deemed a material breach of this Agreement. This Agreement will terminate automatically if the Partner earns no (zero) Commission over a 12-month period.


1. General Compliance: The Partner is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with all advertising and data protection laws of the Partner’s specific country. The Partner is strictly prohibited from making claims concerning the Products offered by that are inconsistent with or beyond the scope of marketing materials produced and made available by or on owned websites.

The Partner is prohibited from publishing or otherwise distributing advertisements by telemarketing, fax, or text messaging in any form to any device. The Partner shall not offer monetary incentives, such as rewards points, cash, or prizes to Prospects in return for their response to an advertisement. retains the sole and exclusive discretion to determine whether the Partner’s advertising and conduct is in compliance with all laws.

2. Disclosure: On any website that the Partner advertises any Product, the Partner must plainly display (i.e., not in a link, or in small font) disclaimer language, such as:

Disclosure: I am an independent Partner, not an employee. I receive referral payments for promoting The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mentoring or IP World Limited, the company which supplies all the products.

3. Non-Disparagement: The Partner is not permitted to comment negatively about or disparage the Products of or any other person or entity, including without limitation the products or services of any competitor. 

The Partner is not permitted to engage in any unlawful or deceptive actions with respect to search engine optimisation, including, but not limited to, using any technique that generates paid search results based on any trademarks of, any brand name of, or based on the trademarks or brand name of any competitor of, or any other third party.

4. Social Media: If the Partner advertises on Instagram or YouTube, then each post must comply with all of the following:

• Each post must contain @mentorsuccess or #mentorsuccess.

• Each post must contain #ad in a clear and conspicuous location before the text of the description and in all events before the “More” button.

• Each Instagram post must use Instagram’s “Paid Partnership” tool.

• Each YouTube post must contain the word “Ad,” “Advertisement,” “Promotion,” or “Paid Partnership” within the video itself in a font size that is clearly recognisable to the viewer and which appears persistently throughout the length of the video in the top right hand portion of the video.
If the Partner is advertising on other forms of written social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), the Partner must comply with the above disclosure restrictions as applicable to each form of social media. The Partner must also comply with all rules of each social media platform that the Partner uses.

5. Income and Business Opportunity Claims: The Partner is expressly prohibited from making any claims that the user is guaranteed to make money from any Products of If the Partner’s recruiting efforts include claims related to income the Partner has made from using Products of or as a Partner, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

(a) The Partner’s statements must be completely true and accurate and supported by evidence of the Partner’s actual experience; and

(b) The Partner’s statements must be accompanied by the following disclaimer in clear and conspicuous font and placement: “These were my results. your results will vary based on a variety of factors including your effort, commitment and market factors. There is no guarantee you will make any money.”

6. Trademarks: No logo, tagline, trademark, or trade name (collectively, the “ Trademarks”) owned by may be used, copied, or reproduced by any Partner except as set forth below. No intellectual property (or any mark confusingly similar to any intellectual property) is to be registered as a trademark in any country or registered as a domain name by the Partner in any way in any country.

Subject to the restrictions below, the Partner is granted a limited, revocable, non-transferrable, and non-assignable license to use the “” trademark, to advertise online. The Partner may not use “” as part of any URL, domain or website name. retains exclusive ownership of all’s Trademarks and other intellectual property and all of its rights therein. The Partner shall not promote or provide services to any other business or person that is infringing any of’s intellectual property.

7. Complaint Notification: The Partner must notify of any complaint received by the Partner regarding any advertisements within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving such complaint. Notice should be sent to

8. Independent Contractor: The Partner is an independent contractor of It is the Partner’s express understanding that no relationship other than that of independent contractor exists between the Partner and by virtue of this Agreement. The Partner has no right to act on behalf of or bind in any way, nor share in the profits or losses of The only compensation available to the Partner is set forth in this Agreement. The Partner is solely and exclusively responsible and liable for all of the Partner’s acts or omissions.

9. No Warranty; No Leads: does not promise, guarantee or warrant the Partner’s business success, income, or sales. The Partner understands and acknowledges that will not at any time provide sales leads or referrals to the Partner. The Partner understands and agrees further that this is not a business opportunity, a franchise opportunity, a “business-in-a-box,” or an assisted marketing plan. 

The Partner is responsible for procuring and paying for any and all materials and resources necessary to operate as a Partner as determined in the Partner’s sole discretion.

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